Photoshop Retouch

Photoshop Retouch

In real estate images, certain objects might be distracting or unnecessary and may want to take the attention away from the property, so you might want to remove them. Also, image size might be unappealing and you may want to resize images to achieve a desired size without compromising on the quality or if you desire real estate images that can fit the web. We offer a range of services to meet with those needs. These services Include;

List of Photoshopping Services

  • Add or Remove Objects

    Remove unwanted objects / people from images.

  • Complete Grass Replacement

    Grass replacement if rain / weather spoiled the front or back yards.

  • Ocean Replacement

    Beautify the ocean view by replacing natural ocean water images.

  • Cleaning the Water in yards

    No Worry if you shoot on rainy day, we completely remove the water in yards, driveways.

  • Remove people in photos

    Remove people in Images if accidentally caught on frame.

  • Swimming Pool cleanup

    Beautify the pool by removing Hose and Robot, Even sometimes change the water in pools.

Add / Remove Objects
Grass Replacement
Ocean Replacement